Scanners in Ethiopia
Scanners in EthiopiaScanners in Ethiopia’s capital Juba announced Saturday that the death toll could rise to three in the event of a major earthquake in Ethiopia.

About 60 people were on a road near the site of the collapse, reports the AFP news agency. A statement on the site said there were “several people injured in the impact.”

The statement added: “Due to high earthquake forces and a heavy earthquake force winds on the ground, the area is being evacuated in two stages.”

“People have been on the ground for several hours so we can say there are no injuries. It is a miracle that there were no structures left,” said a witness to the disaster centre.

“Some were rescued, but some are missing. We have just finished the evacuation. We will be going back with heavy equipment.”

The ministry of emergency services confirmed that eight people were dead in southern Ethiopia. Two were being taken for medical treatment and the third was being treated for minor injuries.

There were about 40 vehicles in the process of being evacuated, with one of them carrying one person in critical condition.