Jeep Nissan Pathfinder II.

Nissan Pathfinder 2nd generation (R50) review with photos and technical features.

The second generation of the jeep “Pathfinder” with the factory index “R50” was presented in the Land of the MANSK from Norwegian to English Rising Sun at the end of one thousand nine hundred and ninety-five years, and then began its mass production. In 1999, the car went through a first upgrade, and in two thousand and one year it caught the second restyling – the exterior and interior have undergone some adjustments, and under the hood “registered” the new engine.

The off-roader was kept on the conveyor until two thousand and four years, then it was replaced by the third generation model.

“The Second Patwynder is a medium-sized SUV, available with 5 doors. The length of the car is four thousand 500 mm, height – one thousand seven hundred and 50 mm, width – one thousand eight hundred and 40 mm.

The distance between the axles is 2.7 hundred mm of the total length, and the highest ground clearance is two hundred and ten mm. When equipped, the weight of the “Pathfinder” ranges from one thousand eight hundred and thirty to one thousand nine hundred and ninety kilograms, depending on the modification.

The Nissan Pathfinder R50 (2nd generation) offered a wide range of powertrains:

The diesel part combines in-line four-cylinder engines with displacement of 2.7-3.Two liters, generating from 100 30 one to 100 70 horsepower and from two hundred and seventy nine to three hundred and fifty three Nm of torque. Were also available in gasoline versions – it is a V-shaped six-cylinder “atmospheric” for 3.3-3.5 liters, the output of which reaches 150-253 “horses” and 266-325 Nm of peak traction.

Two types of gearboxes are used together with the motors: 5-speed manual transmission or 4-speed automatic transmission.

Three variants of transmission were available for the SUV: rear-wheel drive, aggressive front-wheel drive (part-time), and a system with a center differential and switchable all-wheel drive.

Nissan Pathfinder of the 2nd generation is an SUV with a load-bearing body, reinforced by sub-frames in front and rear. The front axle has an independent suspension with McPherson struts, and the rear axle has a dependent part with a rigid support and guide arms. The steering mechanism of the machine is supplemented by hydraulic booster, the front wheels are distinguished by the presence of ventilated disc brakes, and the rear – drum devices.

Advantages of the “second Pathfinder&#Reliable construction, good off-road ability, successful interior, tractive engine, excellent maneuverability, stability on the road and cheap service. There are some disadvantages, such as weak passing beam, low noise level and high fuel consumption.