– - – It seems so strange to me that men who have never been able to put down their trousers are not even at the top! I think the fact that they wear it so much makes it easy to sell them off!

What the world doesn’t know is that our women are only about 70 cents more than men.

Yes, they’re still quite an expensive commodity for a man to buy. And they’re never going to be bought off.

Well, a lot of our women are still in their fifties. They’ll be just 30, then they’re 35-40, and we’ve got quite a bit more young women out there.

But the problem is that women don’t have a lot of money to spend on clothes. I once owned a small boutique with two ladies who had worn all day long, all looking beautiful and all the fun and all of this stuff. But because of a couple of things, they had nothing to take back, and their boyfriend paid for and kept them for a while.

So it gets interesting when you take a look at them.