Almond Hair Oil
Almond Hair Oil
The most common, unremarkable shower gel, but it has a place to be. It doesn’t dry, and thanks for that.
spruce shower cream Timotei Orchid milk and almond oil
Gentle milk for delicate baby skin
effect ZERO! Doing nothing! (Product photo inside)
JOHNSON’S body lotion will appeal to lovers of light, unobtrusive aromas. It will also provide excellent skin hydration for the whole day!
Good soap for dry skin and suitable for the face.
A cream for 20,000 rubles, which literally screams about nutrition, but is silent about the shortcomings …
I liked this mask from Vitex! Recommend!
Great product, I will definitely order more
Good shampoo from Belita. In the review: cost, appearance, aroma, my impressions and other details.
A gorgeous mask for colored hair, but only if you don’t expect something supernatural from it!
The cream gave me a pleasant shock. Anointed and on the second day a huge hair came out. Beloved Arabia did not disappoint again
Tired of running around like a leopard, I wanted to shine white. How hard the Chinese played me.