– - – FAN GRAB – Review by Eric S. – December 04, 2013

Just had a blast putting my feet behind my computer. It’s a nice little laptop. It’s one of the few that lets you share your photos. And it uses the same internal processor as a MacBook Pro like it did before. I absolutely adore the price, the size, and the sound. The only thing I’m not impressed with on this laptop is its screen. They are definitely going to have another big screen. Well, not quite, but still, good value and the price should be at least somewhat higher when they make their next laptop. Good to get again. – January 17, 2014OK, but the new Dell is a little bigger overall. Now that’s a pretty tiny processor and a bad looking display. A decent laptop, but not a great one. The price should be higher for that. Just because a new computer is going to have two different screen sizes is not a guarantee that it will last for long, since those two screens will be different. – June 09, 2014I know I told you about the Macbook Air but it’s now a much bigger computer. When I saw the Macbook Pros it was a bit crazy. You could have had two nice new computers for less than $50 each. I want a new Computer and I don’t think that this is going to be enough. After seeing the review where the MacBook –