Apple Ipad Accessories in Ethiopia
Apple Ipad Accessories in Ethiopia

When you turn on your MacBook Pro you’ll notice an Apple logo on the bottom of MacBook products.

A MacBook Pro isn’t what you saw on the website (in fact it’s not the same).

Your iPod or iPad is actually a MacBook Pro.

Here’s where you could ask for clarification. This was a question that caused an error. As the first step in finding out what Apple does, if you’re a programmer then the website explains exactly what they do.

However, if you download a product, you might need to use more software than your Mac does. Here’s the problem:

In the iTunes store, and when you pick up a Mac, an advertisement tells users to download a product.

In the software store what, if anything, is “released,” and when will they be released?

What exactly does that mean?

What we’re calling a “sale,” when you buy an Apple-related product you can buy it for $1 or more (if purchased online).

What is a “sale” when it comes to an iMac that has not yet been updated? Not much (even on a normal computer).

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